Brownie has an amazing story! She was born in the wild and rescued by one of our volunteers along with her siblings at about 3 months old. She provided a safe place for them and fed them and soon the siblings were used to her and able to be adopted. Brownie was a much tougher case though and, despite her best efforts, our volunteer was not able to make any headway on her own. She asked the shelter for help and another volunteer stepped in.

With a lot of love and patience, Silvia was gradually able to get Brownie used to a collar and lead and take her for walks. She moved Brownie to her own home and introduced her to other dogs, cats and home life. Brownie was sterilised, vaccinated and chipped and in March she travelled to Germany with Silvia. She was adopted into a family with children, cats, sheep and chickens – who would have thought that was possible for a dog that was once so scared of human contact?

It shows what a huge difference a home makes. Brownie’s future as a stray dog was very uncertain as the risks are very high – disease, accidents, starvation. Now her future is bright and she has a family to love and care for her.