Cuba had an awful start in life. In January 2016, she was rescued from a dry well when someone heard her cries and called the GNR. She had been beaten and thrown down the well while pregnant. She was injured and suffering from hypothermia but thanks to the dedication of our vets, she pulled through.

She was terrified of everything though and it was clear that she couldn’t stay at the shelter, so she went into foster care. All went well for several months, her confidence grew and she spent many happy hours playing with her German Shepherd buddy. But one day she disappeared from the garden and wasn’t seen again for 10 days. When she eventually made it back home, she was badly injured and very skinny. Our vet told us that her puncture injuries were consistent with being caught in a boar trap – illegal but still used by some people. A boar trap didn’t explain the broken jaw though and we suspected that the trap owner kicked or hit her when they retrieved their trap.

Once back in foster care, her wounds healed nicely and she put weight on quickly – she even seemed to be enjoying the extra attention she was getting. And then something amazing happened – she was adopted!

Cuba went to her new home in Belgium a year ago. She lives a wonderful life with her best friends Tenzing, Chinook & Vasily and it is clear from the regular updates we get that she has put her past behind her and become the happiest dog it is possible to be!



Fostering makes such a huge difference for dogs like Cuba – those who are too scared, injured, vulnerable or old to cope with life in the shelter. It gives them the best chance of being adopted to a loving home – if you are interested in fostering dogs or puppies for us, please get in touch.