Working at the shelter

The most important job of all! We need volunteers at the shelter every day to care for the dogs.

What is involved?

The duties are varied but always include feeding, cleaning & refilling water bowls, ‘picking up’ after the dogs and giving medication. Additional duties depend on the day and the time available but might include things such as fixing shade that has come down, basic grooming, some extra deep cleaning etc. Oh, and cuddling. There is always lots of cuddling! 😀

What do I have to commit to?

We are short of regular volunteers at the moment – those who do a shift every week – so are looking for people who can make a weekly commitment for a particular day. The time taken varies but is usually no more than 4 hours.

However, if you can’t commit every week, we also need volunteers who can be called on for occasional shifts to cover holidays or illness.

I’m interested! What next?

Please get in touch! We can arrange a trial run so you can learn the ropes and work out the details of future shifts depending on your availability.