Dog walking

Getting out for a walk makes such a huge difference to our dogs – not only does it make them VERY happy, it helps to build the confidence of the nervous dogs, to socialise with dogs outside their groups, socialise with new people and get some experience of being on a lead. And of course they – and you! – get some exercise. We’ve really noticed a difference in the character of some of our dogs who are being walked regularly – those who were wary of strangers or anything new are confident, happy dogs now. Not only does it make life at the shelter happier for our dogs, it helps with adoptions too – happy, confident dogs are much easier to find homes for!

What is involved?

It really is as simple as just taking a dog for a walk!

What do I have to commit to?

You don’t have to commit to anything. We have a regular group of walking volunteers who come once a week, but the more volunteers we have, the more dogs can be walked. If you can offer a couple of hours per week that would be fantastic! But otherwise you could just come when you have free time – sometimes we have groups of family or friends who are in the area for a holiday, or who live locally and want to get together for a walk and a natter.

I’m interested! What next?

All we ask is that you check with us before coming, just to make sure that the shelter volunteers on duty that day know to expect you and can arrange to get the dogs ready. Send us an email or get in touch on Facebook.