Nome/Name: Romeo
Sexo/Gender: Macho
Idade/Age: Senior 10+
Porte/Size: Grande
Other details: 

Romeo came to us as a ‘problem’ dog. He had been in the municipal shelter but was very unhappy there, growling and snarling at everyone. By law, he could have been put down as an ‘aggressive’ dog but the municipal vet we work with believes that every dog deserves a chance and asked us if we would help. We weren’t sure whether he would be adoptable, but we were prepared to give it a go.

Romeo has been with us for a few years now and we have not seen any sign of aggression at all. He is happy with us because it is the best life he has known, but we hope for something better for him in his old age. He is a wonderful companion and a loving friend, who loves a cuddle, a walk or a visit to the play pen. Despite his age, he is still strong and healthy, although his sight is nearly gone now.

Romeo is around 15 years old and weighs 25kg+.