Nome/Name: Yosha
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea
Idade/Age: Jovem
Porte/Size: Pequena
Other details: 

Yosha was abandoned as a puppy, with her sister and her mum. Mum was in a terrible state and was able to be caught quite quickly. The puppies were too scared and remained in the forest for several months being fed by the person who caught and rehomed mum. Eventually Yosha’s sister Kimi was caught, but Yosha remained alone for another few months before she had puppies of her own and could be caught – by this time, she was more than a year old and had never been socialised with people.

Yosha and her puppies stayed in foster care where the puppies were socialised and adopted. Yosha dug a hole under her kennel and refused to come out when her foster mum was around. She has now come to the shelter where we can work on socialising her and starting to build her confidence.

Yosha is gradually getting used to the routine at the shelter. She gets on well with her kennel mates, walks well on the lead and likes to go to the playpen with the group. She still hides in her kennel when there are people around, but we can bring her out for a cuddle, she doesn’t shake like she did when she first arrived. We know it’s going to be a long process for her to become a confident dog, but we also know that it would be so much easier for her in a home, with a loving family who can help build her trustY. Her sister Kimi was very nervous when she was first adopted, but is now a happy girl – we know it is possible with the right family.

Yosha is 18 months old and weighs 8kg.