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Nome/Name: Kisie
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea
Idade/Age: Jovem
Porte/Size: Média
Other details:

Kisie was found on the streets covered in wounds. Most were caused by embedded grass seeds, some of which had to be removed under anaesthetic. One, on her shoulder, was larger and we think she was hit by a car as there is a crack in her shoulder bone. It doesn’t cause her any problems and she can run, jump and play as we would expect for a young dog. A vet has told us that it could cause her some problems as she gets older but there is no way to tell and it isn’t something that can be repaired. Now she is a happy, active and sociable girl who loves other dogs and people and shows no signs of any trauma given what she has been through.

Kisie is around 18 months old and weighs 14kg.