Honey and Bobtail Bob

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Nome/Name: Honey and Bobtail Bob
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea/Macho
Idade/Age: Cachorros
Porte/Size: Pequena/média
Other details: 

Honey, Boo Boo and Bobtail Bob were born at the shelter when their heavily pregnant mum, Mimi, was brought to us late one afternoon – when we returned the next morning, she had had her puppies! Mimi and her pups went straight into foster care. Two days later we were asked to help two newborn puppies, Maya and Foxy, who had been found in a box. Mimi was a star and ‘adopted’ them too, feeding all of them as if they were her own. The girls will be ready to go to their new homes in just a couple of weeks time.

Honey, Boo Boo and Bobtail Bob will take after their mum and be small. All have short legs, Honey and Bobtail Bob have stumpy tails, but Boo Boo’s is long and very waggy! Maya looks like she could have some labrador in her and is very cuddly. Foxy is tall and slim.

Update – Boo Boo, Foxy and Maya are adopted!