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Nome/Name: Mayara
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea
Idade/Age: Jovem
Porte/Size: Grande
Other details: 

Mayara was found on the street with a big wound on her neck, probably from being chained with wire as a collar. She was very scared when she first came to us, but has now completely forgotten about that and adores people, especially children.

We think she is mostly Rafeiro Alentejano, a breed used for guarding livestock. She already weighs 30kg, but is only 10 months old and still skinny from malnutrition – when fully grown and healthy, she is going to be a very big girl. She walks really well on the lead and will need a home with lots of outdoor space and a family willing to take her on long walks so she gets plenty of exercise. She also adores cuddles and wants to be close to you all the time, dropping her head into your lap when you sit down.

We’ve introduced her to several dogs with mixed reactions – she’s been scared of them or very submissive, they’ve been scared of her size or they’ve just completely ignored each other! There has never been any sign of aggression though, so with the right introduction and proper guidance we think she will get on great with other dogs and would love to have someone to play with.