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Nome/Name: Fifa
Sexo/Gender: Femêa
Idade/Age: Adulta
Porte/Size: Pequena
Other details: 

Fifa is a pure Portuguese podenga, a breed that is very popular in many countries but is used as a hunting dog here. We don’t know what her history is, but we do know that she was not well treated and didn’t know love until she came to us.

She was found in a village where she had had six puppies and was hiding them in a den. The villagers didn’t want her around and were trying to get rid of her, fortunately some of our volunteers were able to catch her and all the puppies and she was taken into foster care. We found homes for the puppies and Fifa came to the shelter.

Love is Fifa’s first nature, but fear is her second. If there are too many people around, or people she doesn’t know, she retreats into her kennel which is her ‘safe space’, and where she eats and has her treats. Once she trusts a person though, she is the most loving and loyal companion! She trusts our shelter volunteers and loves to go on walks or into the playpen with them. We’ve been trying to introduce her to new experiences to build her confidence and she even had a day trip to the beach with one volunteer. She was nervous, and stayed very close to the volunteer, but she didn’t try to run or hide. We think that, with a lot of love and patience, her confidence can grow more but she will always be a nervous dog and any family that adopts her will need to accept that.

She is great with other dogs, although she needs time to adapt to all new situations including new friends. Another, confident, dog in her family will really help bring her out of her shell.

Fifa is around 4 years old and weighs 9kg.