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Nome/Name: Odete
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea
Idade/Age: Jovem/Young
Porte/Size: Média
Other details: 

Odete is an ex-hunting dog. She probably wasn’t very good at it, she was found locally after a hunting day and although we were able to trace her owner, he wasn’t at all interested in having her back. He said she got lost, we say he abandoned her. We decided she had a better chance of a good home with us, so didn’t push it.

Odete is a podengo and about the best example of a podengo we’ve had at the shelter! She is full of life and mischief and just so much fun. When the kennel gates are opened in the morning, she races around the other kennels for a sniff, then throws herself into the arms of the nearest volunteer for a cuddle. When leads are put on one of the other dogs for a walk, she’ll grab their lead in her mouth and talk them for a walk herself. She runs, climbs and digs and loves to hug. Just sitting on your lap isn’t enough, she wants to climb on your shoulders or balance on your arms.

Like all podengos, she is very loving, great fun and would be a great dog for a family with children. But she will need an active family, she is a ball of energy and will need lots of exercise.

Odete is about 18 months old and weighs around 12kg.