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Nome/Name: Remi
Sexo/Gender: Macho
Idade/Age: Adulto
Porte/Size: Pequeno
Other details: 

Remi was abandoned at a local tourist area. He showed signs of having spent his life on a short chain and had scabies, which has since healed.

He is a really happy little guy, he thinks life is great and is determined to enjoy it to the max! He is energetic and playful with people and other dogs, and the perfect friend for his kennel mate Fifa, who is still learning that people can be trusted. He really puts a smile on everyone’s face!

He does have a problem with his eyes, it seems that his pupils are fixed at fully dilated and don’t react to light. He is on medication at the moment and will be seeing a specialist, but although his sight isn’t 100% it is clear that he is not going to let a little thing like that bother him!

Remi is about 4 years old and weighs 10kg.