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Nome/Name: Kata
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea/Female
Idade/Age: Jovem/Young
Porte/Size: Médio/Medium
Other details: 

Kata came to us from the streets, unfortunately with parvo. After a few days at the vet, she went into foster care where she made a full recovery.

She loves people is sociable with other dogs and is good with cats. If her foster carer is busy, Kata is happy to play with toys and entertain herself. She walks pretty well on a lead, she pulls a little on a short lead which will need a little more training, but she loves going for walks and swimming. She can jump very high, but hasn’t tried to jump the fence at her foster home. She is intelligent, obedient and housetrained.

She would suit a home with a fenced garden, other animals are not a problem. She is equally happy being active or cuddling on the sofa and can be taken anywhere. In short, her foster carer says she is an absolute treasure!