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Nome/Name: Iduna
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea
Idade/Age: Adulto
Porte/Size: Grande
Other details: 

Iduna was seen being thrown, heavily pregnant, from a car. She ended up at the municipal shelter and her owners will end up in court. The experience traumatised Iduna so much that she didn’t move or eat at the municipal shelter and was terrified of people.

She is much happier with us. She enjoys going for a walk, as long as one of her friends goes with her, and loves being in the playpen with her kennel mates. She is still shy, but comes for cuddles with the volunteers. We think she would really benefit from being in a home with other dogs for company so that she can keep building her confidence.

Iduna is 4/5 years old and weighs 21kg.