Daisy, Midge, Scamp

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Nome/Name: Daisy, Midge, Scamp
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea/macho
Idade/Age: Cachorro
Porte/Size: Médio
Other details: 

Sterre was a stray who was caught by the municipal dog catcher and left at our shelter, after volunteers had left for the day. We weren’t told that she was heavily pregnant and so the litter of puppies the next day was quite a surprise!

Everyone has been in foster care for the last few weeks and the puppies are now 2 months old and ready to find homes of their own.

Charlie (adopted!) – male, very sweet, middle of the pack in terms of size

Daisy – female, cuddly, hard to photograph because she’s all black

Dora (adopted!) – female, very gentle, middle of the pack in terms of size

Groucho (adopted!) – male, very playful, bigger than the others

Midge – male, shy and the smallest of them all

Scamp – male, crazy and comical, bigger than the others