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Nome/Name: Rudy
Sexo/Gender: Macho
Idade/Age: Senior
Porte/Size: Pequeno
Other details: 

Rudy lived on a roof terrace until one of his owners died and the other went to live with family. They didn’t even have room for him on a terrace, so he came to the shelter. His coat was in a terrible state, he’s been groomed which has made him a bit more comfortable.

He’s a sweet old man who loves attention and going for walks, but he does have some behaviour typical of terriers – he likes to be boss and gets grumpy when he isn’t. He is dominant with other male dogs but much better behaved with females. We don’t think he will be suitable for a home with children as he has a tendency to snap when he is unhappy.

We were told he is a poodle/Yorkshire terrier cross, he is 10 years old and around 6kgs.