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Nome/Name: Nona
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea
Idade/Age: Adulto
Porte/Size: Média
Other details: 

Nona came to us from the municipal shelter. She had spent 18 months there, never leaving her tiny pen, because she showed aggression to anyone who tried to get close to her. We offered to take her – we didn’t know whether we could socialise her, but we thought we could at least give her a better quality of life than she had at the municipal shelter.

Nona has now been with us for eight months. Initially she didn’t want to socialise with us either. She would lick your fingers or take a treat through the fence, but would run away and bark when volunteers went into her pen. She howled when her kennel mates were taken out for walks, but wouldn’t let anyone close enough to put a collar and lead on so she could go too.

After Deolinda’s adoption and seeing how quickly she recovered in a home, we realised that if we left it up to Nona to decide that she wanted to be sociable, it might never happen. So we decided to push her. One of our volunteers, Angie, visited the shelter every day to walk and socialise Nona. To begin with it would take two volunteers to catch her, and she always threatened to bite but never did. As soon as the lead was on, she was a different dog, sweet and gentle and longing for love. We have been working with her for a few months and now any volunteer can go into her pen with a lead and she is happy to go. But if it’s not about going for a walk, her behaviour depends on her mood. Sometimes she’ll come for cuddles and can’t get enough. Other times she doesn’t want you near her and she will tell you in no uncertain terms!

We’ll keep working with her for as long as it takes to find her the perfect home, but we know she’ll learn faster in a home than she can at the shelter. She needs an experienced owner who will be assertive with her and who has the time, energy and knowledge to give her the training she needs. She is completely sociable with other dogs and we think she would benefit from being in a home with other dogs.

She has come a long way and really deserves a proper home where she can become the confident, happy girl that we know she can be. She is about 5 years old and 13kg.