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Nome/Name: Tallulah
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea
Idade/Age: Jovem
Porte/Size: Pequena
Other details: 

Tallulah is about 2 years old and has spent her life on the streets in a local village, we were not able to approach her until she had her puppies. They all went into foster care, the puppies are now adopted and Tallulah is at the shelter with us.

She is an incredibly sweet and affectionate dog who want to be sitting on a lap and being cuddled as much as possible. But she is an escape artist who sees fences as a personal challenge – she has escaped from the shelter several times already. We think she would be best with someone who lives in an apartment but who can still give her lots of exercise, we worry that she will just keep trying to escape from a garden.

She is a small dog, only around 9kg, on long legs.