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Nome/Name: Romeo
Sexo/Gender: Macho
Idade/Age: Senior 10+
Porte/Size: Grande
Other details: 

Romeo came to us as a ‘problem’ dog. He had been in the municipal shelter but was very unhappy there, growling and snarling at everyone. By law, he could have been put down as an ‘aggressive’ dog but the municipal vet we work with believes that every dog deserves a chance and asked us if we would help. We weren’t sure whether he would be adoptable, but we were prepared to give it a go.

He has been at the shelter for a while and we haven’t seen him growl or snarl once. He loves his big kennel, with a view of the river and its ducks, and of course there is always lots of food and treats! He particularly loves our play pen where he can run to his heart’s content, probably something he hasn’t had a chance to do before. He races out of his kennel to go there, but will always stop for a cuddle with a volunteer on the way. He was chipped and vaccinated recently and was very well-behaved with the vet and he has got on well with the different dogs we have tried him with. He loves going on walks with all our volunteers! He’s an old boy, 10+ and has cataracts so his eyesight isn’t perfect. He is around 24kg.

He is a really wonderful old boy, full of love and ready to find a proper home of his own. We think travel might be a bit much for him so we are only looking for homes in Portugal.