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Nome/Name: Sali
Sexo/Gender: Femea
Idade/Age: Jovem
Porte/Size: Mini
Other details: 

Sali was on the streets and we don’t know for how long. She took a month to capture as was very scared. She was immediately taken into foster and socialized with 2 other small dogs. We believe now is the right time to find her forever home as she has come on leaps and bounds in a short space of time. She loves the other dogs and always wants to play. She also loves her walks and walks happily on and off the lead. She is still a bit nervous and a little insecure so you need to be kind and loving and patient. She is so adorable, fun, feisty and full of life. We want a home for her with someone who walks regularly and will give her the exercise she is used to, she is not a toy! She weighs 3 kg, aged 12/18 months and was sterilized this week.