Nijs & Dees

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Nome/Name: Nijs & Dees
Sexo/Gender: Macho/femea
Idade/Age: Cachorro/puppy
Porte/Size: Médio
Other details: 

Nijs & Dees are Kuki’s puppies. They came to us when their owner was persuaded to give them up, since he didn’t care about them at all. Kuki is at the shelter and her puppies are in foster care. They are about 10 weeks old and are happy, playful puppies. But they were both born with a condition called megaoesophagus. The muscles in their oesophagus are unable to push food and water down into their stomachs and, without help, they just regurgitate everything they eat. This means that they need to eat/drink standing up and remain upright for about 10 minutes after every meal so gravity can help out. While this means they need extra care and attention, they learn this new way of eating very quickly and special upright chairs can be bought/made to keep them upright when they get older.