Ada Lovelace

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Nome/Name: Ada Lovelace
Sexo/Gender: Femea
Idade/Age: Adulto
Porte/Size: Pequena
Other details: 

Ada Lovelace was found on the street and fed by the person who found her. She was very nervous and it took some time to gain her confidence. Not long after being found, she had a litter of puppies. The puppies have been adopted and Ada Lovelace is now in foster care with us. Here is what she has to say about life with her foster mum –

I’m Lacey (actually Ada Lovelace, but my mom calls me Lacey), and I’m a pretty Portugees Podengo.

I was found somewhere on a road.
I was pregnant and a gentle lady took care of me.
I gave birth and when the time was right my kids where adopted.

I got neutered and am now living with my temporary mom.

I like her very much: she cuddles a lot with me and I LOVE IT!!! 🥰

She also talks a lot to me (I think she’s a bit crazy… but I love her anyway! 😜 don’t tell her!) and I listen very careful and just lick her hand sometimes.

My mom gives me plenty of food, but i’m just grateful I have food, so I eat several times a day little portions.

I loooove treats.
My mom is trying to teach me to sit. But I hardly sit. I just lie down. And my mom can’t figure out why I don’t sit, as I am a such a good girl.

I get along with other dogs: I am very submissive.
Am also very submissive to my mom.

I like to cuddle with other pups. I’m very sweet and gentle with them. (My mom has also 3 pups who are also temporary with her.)

My mom has also 3 cats. It’s ok if they come to me to say hello: I don’t chase them.

I love to sleep in the crate. The crate is a safe place for me.

I don’t pee in the crate nor at home: my mom gave me some training…
when I got to pee I give clear signals that I want to go outside: I go to the door and look at my mommy.

My mom thinks something happened between men and me… and that’s right: I don’t like men. My mom is trying to gain trust in men again….

Although I love my mom, I don’t like the leash…. but I follow my mom now wherever she wants me to go inside the safe big garden.
Inside the house I don’t have the urge to go sniffling around.

When my mom calls my name: you bet I come to her!!!

I love mommy’s house.
I like laying down inside or outside the house and observing everything.

I can’t believe I have a gorgeous life with plenty of food and a warm bed to sleep in it… and a mommy who loves me. But I’m looking for a forever home…

I am very grateful, sweet, submissive, gentle and patient girl.

Who falls in love with me?