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Nome/Name: Abby
Sexo/Gender: Femea
Idade/Age: Adulto
Porte/Size: Pequeno
Other details: 

Abby came to us from the municipal shelter a few months ago. She loves people, but has never learned to trust them. Even now, the most contact our volunteers can really have with her is a brief lick of the fingers. But we think it could be different in a home – she seems to really want to be friends, she just doesn’t know how and needs someone who can spend time helping her learn.

She loves other dogs, the more the merrier, but would need a home with a well-fenced garden as she is an escape artist. She could easily escape the pen that she is in at the shelter now but she is happy with her kennel mates and the daily routine, so doesn’t try. For someone who is willing to make the effort to win her trust, she would be a really lovely companion.