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Name: Papoila
Gender: Female
Age: Adulto
Size: Medium
Other details: 

Papoila came to the shelter over 6 years ago as a puppy, with her sisters Margarida & Tulipa and her brother Areias. They stayed in the overcrowded house of the previous owner and, by the time they were old enough to join the other dogs in kennels, they were terrified of everything and everyone. The volunteers did the best they could to socialise them and, over time, Margarida and Tulipa became more curious and confident – Margarida was adopted by an experienced dog-owner and trainer but Tulipa is still with us. Areias and Papoila never really got over their fear though. Areias was adopted by our shelter manager and is enjoying life with his new family, but he still can’t handle strangers or new experiences.

Papoila doesn’t like strangers (and barks at them) and is not fond of being touched. She will come to a couple of the volunteers she knows well for a pat, but won’t take treats from their hand. In the right environment, with the right owner, maybe her confidence will increase – but maybe it won’t, so we have to be realistic and try and find her a home where she can just be as she is, with no expectations. The ideal home would be one where she can live outside full time, with a large fenced garden or area she can run and preferably with a large male dog as a companion as she does much better at the shelter with a large male as a kennel mate. We know this is such a lot to expect, but we believe that there is the right owner out there for her somewhere – if we can’t find them, she will spend her entire life with us.