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Nome/Name: Nadia
Sexo/Gender: Femea
Idade/Age: Adulto
Porte/Size: Grande
Other details: 

Nadia was a victim of the terrible fires that swept through our local area in June 2017. But she was also one of the lucky ones – someone saw her lying on the side of the road, half dead, and took her to a vet. The first vet wanted to put her to sleep since she had no owner and had leishmaniosis, but the person who found her wouldn’t allow that and took her to a different vet – the one we work with. He contacted us, we agreed to take her in so treatment could be started straight away. She was in a terrible condition but improved rapidly with veterinary care and then lots of love and attention once she came to the shelter.

Just look at her a year later! She is a super sweet and intelligent girl who adores hugs and attention. She needs to take a tablet daily to control her leish, but that is no trouble.

Nadia tem leishmaniose que é controlada com uma dose diária de alopurinol. Sabemos que é difícil encontrar alguém que adote um cão com problemas de saúde, por isso ela está disponível para FAP (família de acolhimento permanente). Isto significa que pagamos as despesas de veterinário, só tem que ir aos nossos veterinários. Se não quiser ir, então pode adotá-lo sem taxa de adoção. Se estiver interessado entre em contacto connosco.

Nadia has leishmaniosis, which is controlled with a daily dose of allupurinol. We realise that it is expecting a lot for someone to take on a dog with medical issues, so she is available for fostering. This means that we will cover the vet costs, as long as you are able to use our vets. If you are not able to use our vets, then you can adopt with no adoption fee. Please contact us to discuss further.