Nome/Name: Alice, Rosie, JoJo
Sexo/Gender: Femea/female & macho/male
Idade/Age: Adulto & cachorro/puppy
Porte/Size: Médio
Other details: 

Update July 2018 – all the puppies are adopted, so it is just super-mum Alice looking for a home. Her foster carers love her but think she needs a calmer home than they can offer.

Alice and her puppies were found on the street. Alice was very nervous and distrustful of people initially, with her puppies to protect, but a kind soul took them all into foster care and what a huge difference three weeks has made! Alice is happy to wear a harness when she is taken for walks and enjoys the break from her puppies. She also adores cuddles!!

Angel – female, around 4.5kg – Angel is now adopted!

Rosie – female, around 3.5kg – Rosie is adopted!

JoJo – male, around 3kg – now adopted to a new home in Belgium!

The puppies are around 9 weeks old.