RIP – Popey

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Name: Popey
Gender: Male
Age: Senior
Size: Small
Other details: 

Update February 2018 – sadly, old age finally caught up with Popey and we had to put him to sleep. He was a lovely, happy old boy until the end and he will be missed.

Popey came to us over two years ago when his elderly owner became ill and was no longer able to care for him. He is an elderly boy himself and the shelter is no place for him. He was recently fostered when we had to evacuate the shelter, so we now know more about how he behaves in a home environment – it turns out he is a bit of a star! He is house trained, enjoys a short walk on the lead and loves nothing better than a cuddle on the sofa. Unfortunately, he does not like other dogs or cats so would need to be homed somewhere where he is the only pet, which means that the family who fostered him are not able to keep him permanently as much as they would love to. He had a glowing report from them, here are some quotes;

He is such a lovely gentleman, we love him!”

He is so sweet, loves our daughter, just wants to be in a home with a comfy bed, he’s no bother at all.”

“He would be perfect as a little companion to someone

Having him here has taught me a few things, mainly that if in the future we are ever in the position to have another dog that I shouldn’t rule out an older dog, I had always thought that because of our daughter (7 years old) that we couldn’t take the chance with an older rescue dog but Popey has been great with her, although she is always very sensible around any dog. He just wants to sit with his head in her lap and she likes him as he is calm and slow.”

Popey has some health issues, including leishmaniosis, which is controlled with a daily dose of allupurinol. We realise that it is expecting a lot for someone to take on a dog with medical issues, so he is available for forever fostering. This means that we will cover the vet costs, as long as you are able to use our vets. If you are not able to use our vets, then you can adopt with no adoption fee. Please contact us to discuss further.