Adopted! – Afonso

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Nome/Name: Afonso
Sexo/Gender: Macho/male
Idade/Age: Sénior 10+
Porte/Size: Pequeno/small
Other details: 

Update January 2018 – Afonso has finally found his forever home with his best friend Tico! They will be able to spend the rest of their days together in comfort.

Update September 2017 – poor Afonso, it seems his prostrate was the least of his problems! He also has a heart problem and a chronic problem with his ears, which was very painful. The worst of the pain has gone so we are at least able to treat them more easily now. He is responding well to medication, eating more and just seems to be enjoying life a bit more every day. Onwards & upwards!

Afonso was found on the streets, very hungry. He has physical signs of life on a chain – he is also 15 years old, all of 6kg and deaf. He has a prostrate problem, not uncommon with dogs that are not castrated, but is on medication now to build his strength until he can be castrated. He is a very sweet and calm old boy who may never have known the joy of a warm basket or a cuddle. He will gets lots of love from us but it can never compare to life in a real home.