Adopted! – Fogo

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Nome/Name: Fogo
Sexo/Gender: Macho/male
Idade/Age: Cachorro/puppy
Porte/Size: Médio/medium
Other details: 

Update 15 December – Fogo has been adopted!! He will go to his new home in Portugal in a couple of days time.

Update December 2017 – Fogo is still with us and still isn’t happy at the shelter. He is in a group pen with other dogs now but desperately needs attention and affection from people. He really needs a home!

Update September 2016 – Fogo is still nervous of new people but becoming more confident with the volunteers he sees on a regular basis. He is eating well and has put on weight but he is a bit unsettled at the shelter and we think he would do so much better in a proper home, his confidence will come on in leaps and bounds. We think he is unsettled because he is bored – he loves playing catch and can catch the ball from pretty long distances! He just needs more attention than we have time to give him.

July 2016 – Poor Fogo, so nervous of people and so skinny, who knows what he has been through to end up in this state. But just look at how beautiful he is – with love, care & attention he will become such a stunning dog. Can you offer him that home?