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Nome/Name: Beto
Sexo/Gender: Macho/male
Idade/Age: Senior 10+
Porte/Size: Médio/medium
Other details: 

Beto is around 10 years old and was found on the street with infected eyes and skin. He has improved so much in the time he has been with us and is doing well in our group kennel of ‘old boys’! He is very affectionate though and would do so much better with more human company and a warm basket.

Beto has leishmaniosis, which is controlled with a daily dose of allupurinol and also needs daily treatment for his eyes. We realise that it is expecting a lot for someone to take on a dog with medical issues, so he is available for fostering. This means that we will cover the vet costs, as long as you are able to use our vets. If you are not able to use our vets, then you can adopt with no adoption fee. Please contact us to discuss further.