RIP Gizmo

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Nome/Name: Gizmo
Sexo/Gender: Macho/male
Idade/Age: Adulto/adult
Porte/Size: Pequeno/small
Other details: 

Update September 2017 – we are devastated to announce that our sweet, brave Gizmo died today. He had been staying at the vets for further treatment for his wounds but his condition deteriorated and a scan today showed a tumour in his stomach. Despite emergency surgery, he didn’t make it.

His wounds required visits to the vet twice a week for the last couple of months and he never complained, he remained a happy little soul to the end. Our condolences to Lena in the Netherlands who waited so patiently for him – he came so close to being able to enjoy the loving home she offered him.

Update July 2017 – sweet Gizmo’s luck has changed! He has been adopted and will fly to his new home in the Netherlands once he has recovered further.

Gizmo was left on the doorstep of an English guy who lives locally. He has been badly injured – we are not sure whether in a fight with a much bigger dog or if he got caught in a trap – and there is evidence that he has had veterinary treatment before so at some point he has had an owner who cared enough. But no more. His injuries will heal, although we don’t know whether his eyesight can be saved – he has already got used to not being able to see and totters around quite happily. He’s a brave and sweet boy who will be looking for a loving home once his wounds have healed.