RIP – Valente

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Update – thank you to everyone who donated. It meant that Valente was able to see a vet, but the damage to his nose was not his only issue. The vet discovered an advanced tumour in his spleen which was beyond treatment and sadly he had to be euthanised today. It’s such a shame that he didn’t get to enjoy a decent life for every long, but at least he didn’t die suffering and alone.

Poor Valente. He’s an old boy who has had a really tough time – his owners moved away, leaving him at the house to starve to death. He was found and taken to a municipal shelter (not the one we work with) but was at risk there – in many municipal shelters, there is no place for old dogs in need of medical treatment. So he was rescued from there too. He is clearly in need of medical treatment for his nose but the people who rescued him don’t have the money to pay for it – if you are able to help, please donate to our bank account and send an email to Ana to let her know it is for Valente and we will pass the donation on. He is a really sweet boy who deserves a loving home!

IBAN: PT50001000004766314000110