Adopted! – Night & Day

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Nome/Name: Night & Day
Sexo/Gender: Macho/male
Idade/Age: Cachorro/puppy
Porte/Size: Médio/medium
Other details: 

Update August 2017 – Night & Day are adopted and even better, they are staying together! They will go to their home in Belgium soon.

Night & Day were found at a local supermarket – they were probably left at the municipal kennels behind the supermarket, but it was the weekend so they were closed. Fortunately they were found by shelter volunteers so they could be taken into foster care straight away.

Day (the brown puppy) was very nervous when he was first found but Night (the black puppy) had a waggy tail almost straight away and was rolling on his back for tummy tickles! Both have settled into their foster home very quickly and are happy, playful puppies of about 6-8 weeks old.