Update – Maya & Inca


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Nome/Name: Maya & Inca
Sexo/Gender: Fêmea/female
Idade/Age: Adulto/adultJovem/young
Porte/Size: Grande/large
Other details: 

June 2016 – It’s been a while since we gave you an update on Maya & Inca. Both are now safe at the shelter – while living ‘free’ sounds lovely, the owner of the land where they were was becoming increasingly unhappy with them there and Maya got herself caught in a hunting noose a little while ago which caused some nasty injuries to her neck. It was obvious that they couldn’t stay there forever. Thanks to some generous donations, we were able to build another kennel at the shelter and moved them there a couple of weeks ago. We were also (finally!) able to get Inca sterilised – she is still nervous with people and it wasn’t easy to catch her! They have settled well and we are hoping to introduce another dog to their kennel in the coming weeks.

We were called to help Maya and her puppies at the end of November – you can read more about her story and that of her latest litter here.  All the little puppies have now been adopted or are in foster care, but Maya & Inca are still living on the land where they were found, with our volunteers visiting regularly to feed and care for them.

Maya is very trusting and affectionate and loves the visits and cuddles from the volunteers. Inca is Maya’s oldest daughter and is very wary of people – it has taken several weeks for her to allow any volunteer to get close to her, but we had a bit of a break through this week and she ate from the hand of one volunteer! Her confidence is growing and, while she still has a long road ahead, it now seems possible that she could learn to trust people again.

We need to sterilise them both as soon as possible – Maya’s operation is arranged for this week and Inca too if we can catch her. They need somewhere safe and comfortable to recover from their operation and we need to keep them together at this stage – Inca needs the security of having Maya with her for the time being – so we are looking for a foster home with fenced land and somewhere safe and dry for them to rest and recuperate.